Technology: As Facebook Reels, Silicon Valley Dabbles In Ethics

[Codango: Mixed feelings about this. Facebook has been quite transparent in their user agreements/use policies/disclaimers, or at least as transparent as any other online company has. Consider this: you can get virtually any kind of information about anyone: their address, their phone numbers, their families, their address HISTORY, and even do a criminal background check on them, if you are willing to pay a fee. This was in place before Facebook’s ascent to being an online superpower. I would rather we do something about THAT.

So, it is alright to do it piecemeal, just not in bulk, for statistical purposes? Back off of Facebook specifically, we say.

We understand the concern, but please – stop making Zuckerberg your patsy. It’s getting old.]

Jack Jenkins: When Mark Zuckerberg was grilled in Congress on Facebook’s data privacy scandal, few news outlets picked up on his reference to an internal ethics team at the company.

In an exchange with Senator Gary Peters, a Democrat from Michigan, the tech titan was asked whether his company has a “set of principles” to guide its development of artificial intelligence, a technology it uses to combat misuse of the massively popular social media platform.

"We have a whole (artificial intelligence) ethics team that is working on developing basically the technology…for making sure this…"

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