The 7 Digital Marketing Skills Everyone Needs

I just took a good look at the wide range of digital marketing topics I’ve written about here.

It got me thinking about just how many things today’s professionals need to know and do in order to make their online marketing efforts work.

Firm Up Your Base – 7 Digital Marketing Skills to Build On

So for you folks thinking about going into this here profession or already performing some digital marketing related tasks, I’ve put together the seven skills every digital marketing pro should have!

1. Strategic Thinking

Every one of us needs to know this.

Data-driven, results-driven strategy is the foundation of most (if not all) digital marketing activities.

Without sound strategy, none of the items listed below will be as successful as they should be.

2. Writing

Anyone can type, but not everyone can put words together that communicate effectively and persuade people to act.

When it’s your company and your brand on the line, make sure you know how to write your story creatively and effectively.

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